Neti Pot, nasal cup helps with sinus relief and sinus problems.

Neti Pot, Nasal Cup Helps
With Sinus Relief and Sinus Problems.

The Neti Pot was designed to help with sinus irrigation.  This nasal cup is an inexpensive alternative to reduce sinus problems and provide relief from sinus congestion

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In Plastic or Ceramic
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The Narial Nasal Cup® brand sinus irrigator is scientifically designed to provide a safe, easy, comfortable and inexpensive method for nasal irrigation.

Nasal irrigation is an all natural and drug-free process which improves ease of breathing and often eliminates the need for prescription and over-the-counter medications.

"Simply fill the cup with warm salt water, place the spout against an upturned nostril and allow the solution to flow naturally through the nostril, across the nasal cavity and out the other nostril, washing away allergens, mucous and debris." - from the included directions. Made of shatterproof plastic.


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Product Information

The Narial Nasal Cup® sinus irrigator is specially designed to fit comfortably and securely in the hand and be easy to manipulate. The resevoir holds 1 cup of water, so adding a level 1/4 t. of salt will always result in the correct salinity to be compatible with your nasal tissues.

When used properly, this product directs the flow of the saline solution into one nostril, across the nasal cavity and out the other nostril-carrying allergens, mucous and other debris out into the sink, not into your throat! Regular use reduces or eliminates allergy symptoms, sinus infection, congestion, colds and flu by removing the allergens from nasal cavities before they can enter and irritate the rest of the respiratory system. Additionally, this flushing removes the mucous before it drips into the throat and bronchial tubes where it can cause coughing and bronchitis.

You can breathe normally through your mouth while using the Narial Nasal Cup® sinus irrigator. No need to inhale the solution, which can be uncomfortable. Just let it flow naturally from the spout through the nostril and let gravity do all the work.

Advantages of the Narial Nasal Cup® brand sinus irrigation device:

• Easy to keep clean. Generally just needs to be rinsed before and after use. Top-drawer dishwasher safe.
• Very portable, fits in purse or briefcase.
• No electricity needed.
• Requires only tap water and table salt, no need to buy special solutions.
• Shatterproof plastic or ceramic
• Complete directions on its use and explanations of the benefits of nasal irrigation are included with every box.

Study: Simple treatment best in sinus cases
10:15 PM 12/02/02
Ron Seely, Science reporter

A University of Wisconsin-Madison study has shown that an inexpensive over-the-counter treatment provides perhaps the best relief for a common but vexing ailment: sinus infections.

The timely study was published in the December issue of the Journal of Family Practice and showed that patients who suffer from sinus infections, or sinusitis, found considerable relief by using nasal irrigation cups sold in almost all drug stores.

Sinus infections - as most who suffer from them can attest - are particularly painful and can cause headaches, runny noses, post-nasal drip, coughs and congestion. If bad enough, the infections are treated with nasal sprays that contain steroids.

But Dr. David Rabago, a clinical research fellow in the Department of Family Medicine at the UW Medical School, said his research indicates that nasal irrigation - cleansing the nasal passages with salt water - offers a simpler and drug-free treatment.

In the study, Rabago kept track of 76 patients in 2000 and 2001. All of them suffered from sinus infections. Fifty-two of the patients used daily nasal irrigation - basically, pouring saline solution into the nose - for six months. Twenty-four patients treated their symptoms using other methods.

Rabago said that the patients who used nasal irrigation "experienced significant improvement compared to those who did not." He said they reported fewer headaches, less congestion, less use of antibiotics and few side effects.

"These statistically significant results are impressive and important, especially given that many patients in the study had already used all the conventional therapies for sinus disease, without improvement," Rabago said.

Area pharmacists say the nasal irrigation cups are popular with their customers. The study used a product called the Sinucleanse nasal irrigation kit. It includes a small container shaped like a genie's lamp. Matt Hannon, a student pharmacy intern at Mallatt Pharmacy on Monroe Street, said the kits cost about $15.

Doctors say nasal irrigation works because it moisturizes the nasal membranes. Hannon said another advantage is that the saline solution used is good for keeping at bay the germs that cause colds and flu.

Rabago said such a simple treatment should be encouraged by physicians, especially because it is so inexpensive compared to the frequently prescribed drugs.



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