Yard Signs: Weatherproof, Corrugated Plastic Signs, Polybag Signs, Posterboard Signs & Campaign Yard Signs

Yard Signs printed on corrugated plastic, poster board, aluminum or poly bag material. Great campaign yard signs, realtor signs or contractor signs. Low prices, friendly sales staff and our design-your-own tool are the reasons VictoryStore.com has sold more than 10 million yard signs.

Corrugated Plastic yard signs poly bag yard signs poster board yard signs aluminum yard signs
Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs Poly Bag Yard Signs Posterboard Yard Signs Aluminum Yard Signs
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Corrugated Plastic Signs,
otherwise known as Corrugated Plastic Signs, are the solution to your inexpensive sign needs.
Corrugated plastic signs are great for long term and short term use.
Poly bag signs are lightweight and very affordable in high quantities. Bag signs come with wire frames for easy posting. One low price includes it all. Screen-printed on white 24 point weather-resistant posterboard. Choose any of our standard colors. Great for campaign yard signs! Our Aluminum Sign Panels come complete with 2 holes top & bottom and rounded corners. Thickness of .040.

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Product Features
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Campaign Yard Signs and Business Signs

arrow shaped yard sign house shaped yard sign helmet shaped yard sign round yard signs
Arrow Shaped Signs House Shaped Signs Helmet Shaped Signs Round Signs
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diamond shaped yard signs Sherriff star shaped yard signs apple shaped yard sign octagon shaped yard sign
Diamond Shaped Signs Sherriff Star Shaped Signs Apple Shaped Signs Octagon Shaped Signs
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number one shaped yard sign star shaped yard signs state shaped yard signs judge yard sign
Number One Shaped Signs Star Shaped Signs State Shaped Signs Gavel Shaped Signs
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light bulb shaped signs broom shaped sign swoosh with apple shaped political sign political judge shaped sign
Light Bulb Shaped Signs Broom Shaped Campaign Yard Sign Swoosh with Apple Shaped Campaign Sign Judge Shaped Campaign Yard Sign
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bull shaped sign die cut campagin signs die cut campagin signs die cut campagin signs
Bull Shaped Sign Democratic Donkey Shaped Campaign Yard Sign Republican Elephant Shaped Campaign Yard Sign Oval Shaped Sign
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crayon box shaped political sign qr code signs stand up cut outs rectangle yard signs
Crayon Box Shaped Sign QR Code Signs Custom Stand Up Cut Out Signs Rectangle Signs
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yard sign startagies yard sign startagies hanging yard sign vertical yard signs
Yard Sign Messaging Strategies Yard Sign Messaging Strategies Hanging Signs Vertical Signs
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dome shaped yard signs bumra shave signs poster board yard signs consturciton signs
Dome Shaped Signs Burma Shave Sign Sets Posterboard Signs Construction Signs
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real estate yard signs full color yard signs yard sign laws
Real Estate Signs Full Color Signs
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Yard Sign Help

sign production Yard Sign Strategy: "Win the Yard Sign War" by Steve Grubbs
101 Ready-Made Yard Sign Designs: To see yard sign samples and templates, Click Here.
Yard Sign Prices: For styles and prices, choose from the options Click Here.
Mobile Billboards: Affordable mobile billboards, Click Here.
Car Sign: For a car top sign, Click Here.
Vinyl Banner: For a business or even banner, Click Here.
Design Your Own: Use our online tools to design your own yard sign, Click Here.
Yard Sign Stakes: To order our EZ Stakes™, "H" frames, or "U" frames, Click Here.
Yard Sign Riders: Get your message across to voters, Click Here.
Yard Sign Shipping Times: Once your signs are printed, Click Here to see ship times.
Union Bug: Available upon request - may add 1-2 days to production time. Talk to your account representative about how we can help you with this. To view our union bug affiliation information, please Click Here.

Yard Sign Information

What size yard sign? To choose a yard sign size, remember our "30 MPH Rule of Thumb"; When traveling streets that are 30mph or slower, 18"x24" yard signs and smaller are perfect. For streets that travel at speeds above 30mph, choose 2'x4' and larger signs.
Yellow Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs:
yellow Corrugated Plastic
If you choose to order yellow Corrugated Plastic, instead of our standard white, there will be an additional 5% added to your total yard sign order. Only available in the following sizes, 4'x8, 2'x2, 24"x18". Please note: some colors will appear darker and not their true color when printed on the yellow Corrugated Plastic. Please call a sales representative for more details.
Union Label: Available upon request - may add 1-2 days to production time. To see how we can help you with this, please go Click Here.
Custom PMS Colors: $50.00 each for non-standard colors & this may add to production time. Colors that require an off series number, will add and additional $50.00 to your PMS color charge, to equal $100.00. This may also add to production time. Please check with your account representative.
Copy Change Fee: Direction arrows, cause the need for a copy change/new screen fee. Yard sign sizes smaller then 4'x8 incur a fee of $40.00. 4'x8' signs incur a $75.00 per copy change fee.
Order Cancellation Fee: If an order needs to be cancelled after it has gone to production, a fee of $40 will be charged to cover the cost of art fees and film fees.
Frames Included: No
Wire Frames: EZ Stakes - .245 cents each (not included in sign price) Signs 18"x24" and larger will require two or more stakes.
"H" Frames - .75 cents each (not included in sign price) Signs 18"x24" and larger will require one frame.
Art Fee: VictoryStore.com can custom design your art for you. We can work with your recommendations or build something from scratch. An art fee is generally required and will be $50 for orders under $1000. Fee may vary depending on the complexity of the art design requested. Please talk to one of our sales representatives about your custom design.
QR Code Fee: If you need us to generate a QR code for you, there will be a $5 charger per QR code.
2 Sided Special Cut Signs: House Shape, #1 Shape, Arrow Shape and our exclusive State Shaped Signs will incur a second side screen fee, because the image will need to be completely different, thereby causing a need for additional films, screens and art work. Additional charges for the 2nd side for spot colors: $40 for one (first) screen color. $20 for each additional screen color. Digital imprint 2nd side fee: $25.
Custom Signs With Different Names/Numbers on Them: These signs have to be printed digitally at the full color price, no matter the colors used. $1.00 per name for personalization and set up of digital files.
Recycling Information:
Number 5 Plastics PP (polypropylene) are found in some yogurt containers, syrup bottles, ketchup bottles, caps, straws, medicine bottles & corrugated signage. Number 5 plastics can be recycled through some curbside programs. Recycled into signal lights, battery cables, brooms, brushes, auto battery cases, ice scrapers, landscape borders, bicycle racks, rakes, bins, pallets, trays Polypropylene has a high melting point, and so is often chosen for containers that must accept hot liquid. It is gradually becoming more accepted by recyclers.

Yard Sign Styles

Weatherproof Posterboard Signs Corrugated Plastic Yard Signs
(Lawn Signs and Hwy Signs)
Cardboard yard signs that are weatherproof and durable. A very good yard sign for the money and frequently the best prices yard sign. Great for campaign yard signs! Get them HERE. Made from corrugated plastic, these signs are nearly indestructible. Weatherproof and certain to last for more than one campaign, corrugated plastic is the preferred choice for most campaigns. And with the new lower pricing, it competes very well with poster board yard signs. Get them HERE.
Plastic Bag Yard Signs Sealed and Double Sided Signs
For high quantity yard sign orders of 2,500 or more, bag signs are the best price. A volunteer friendly yard sign that also includes the frames. Slide the finished plastic bag yard sign over the frame and you are done! Easy to drop a few into envelopes and mail to campaign supporters. These lawn signs are very popular, but have a little longer turnaround period. Get the HERE. With this volunteer friendly yard sign, you won't need staple guns or ties. Just slide the pre-folded, pre-glued yard sign over the wire frame and you're done. Weatherproof, durable and volunteer friendly. Get them HERE.
Campaign Yard Sign Riders
campaign yard sign riders
Attach to the top of Corrugated Plastic lawn signs and design your own message. Get them HERE.

Why To Choose VictoryStore.com For Your Sign Purchase

At VictoryStore.com we have printed more then 12 million signs since we began helping candidate. I founded the company after defeating an incumbent to win my seat in the legislature. I was 24 at the time. I then went on to serve as the head of the campaign committee and help enough other candidates to win to propel my party into the majority. I know campaigns and I know that yard signs can play a key role in any victory. Please read on to learn more about how to use signs in a way that can make a difference for you. Yard signs can be an important part of local and legislative elections because they can 1) very quickly raise name identification, 2)create a sense of momentum, #)protect a candidate against being labeled a "radical" and 4)help create an organizational structure.

Because of these important benefits, candidate should be sure they do signs well. When I was preparing for my first State House election, I visited with many people who had previously run - some successfully and others not. One particular candidate told me that when it came to campaign yard signs. I needed to put up about 50 yard signs across my district. She went on to say that most candidates put up about that many. There were two things that jumped out at me immediately: first, this candidate had lost, therefore, I was skeptical when she said that was all I needed: and second, if most candidates put up 50 signs, then I knew I would definitely be putting up more than that because I intended for my campaign to be much more than what "most people" did. A good rule of thumb is to try and raise about one yard sign for every 30 registered voters. In some districts that may be too high or too low, but it's a good place to start as you determine your yard sign strategy. But just determining your target goal for signs isn't enough, you also have to determine your ration of large signs to small signs. Large signs are typically 2'x4', 4'x4' or 4'x8'. Small signs should generally be no smaller than 14"x28" if you want them to be noticed.

Rural districts will need a much larger proportion of large lawn signs to small lawn signs - perhaps a 50/50 ratio; while urban districts will need fewer large yard signs, but should probably try to have at least 25% of the larger for the busier thoroughfares. Small yard signs should be reserved for neighborhoods. A standard rule of thumb would be to place large signs where the speed is 30 MPH or faster and small signs in neighborhoods with speeds of 30 MPH or slower.

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