Top Ten Tips on How to Sell a House

Top Ten Tips on How to Sell a House


How to sell a house? Success begins with the mind set. Set your mind for success and fun. Let your endorphins flow as you have enjoyable experiences along the way, realizing that the ultimate goal is the sale of a house, and profit. Here are ten recommended ways for a successful house sale, and ten alternative, creative and new ways to compliment the obvious and known methods for selling a house.

How to sell the house and retain your smile due to profits.

  1. For every tried and true method, utilize one for fun. With the advent of HGTV and the many programs introducing the general populace to "staging tips", we see potential buyers entering prospective homes and having the same reaction. "Ho Hum, the smell of cookies and apple pie and cinnamon, again. The sellers must be following 'the book' ". To combat this reaction, offer something different. Order personalized fortune cookies that contain messages like, "This is your luck day ! You found your house." "Today you will realize financial gain in your search". "New friends, great neighborhoods will be yours today".

  2. Reducing clutter is one of the top ten ways to show a house for a successful sale. Have fun with a "Meet My House Garage Sale". There are two formats; one in limited areas of the house, yard and patio areas. Though this requires a few more participants representing you so that your house is not an "open invitation" to people and their curiosities, you keep representatives in the "sale rooms" and have one central check out area to pay. At the check out are also papers of information regarding the house and it's vital information and sale criteria. It is manned by informed spokes people who can share about the neighborhood and talk about the positives.

  3. The dutiful open house where you leave so you won't intimidate the buyer and will protect yourself from the comments they may state about your taste in colors and décor is always part of the selling exercise. However, rules are meant to be broken, and a "House Swarming" where you invite interested parties in to see the house and gather information can be fun. Personable and good neighbors can act as hosts. Give them the cookies, not just the smell. Be hospitable and show them the social potential of the house by having a refreshment area to give them the feel for the neighborly ambiance of the area.

  4. "If you've got it, flaunt it" , and we all do, by providing brochures in high tech lighted outdoor boxes, virtual tours and various new presentations. Consider, however, the fun and creative ways you can utilize banners (indoors and out), vinyl vehicle wraps and small momentoes that can be taken home by perspective buyers. The price is no longer cost prohibitive due to companies providing low cost online promotional items. Take a full color picture of your house with a for sale sign in front . Include the message, "This house raised a successful family". These can be self applied to your vehicle and easily removed with out any damage or concerns. It's a great tool for the empty nester's or when downsizing. An optional message that could be used on a vehicle with a picture of your house in a neighborhood setting is , "Our neighborhood; successful schools, successful families". Low cost indoor banners can be placed in a three season room or patio with a family photo and the message; "Great Memories in a Great Home Made a Great Family".

  5. Staging experts warn not to personalize your house too much when preparing it for showings. Your husbands beer can collection may not appeal to some, and traditional buyers with contemporary earth tone tastes, may not appreciate your frilly pink bathroom and kitty cat accessories. When making the changes to "tone down" and yet not leave areas appearing "un decorated", simple printed sayings that are uplifting and encouraging can be framed and hung or set around in strategic areas. One doesn't need to spend a lot . Utilize the Internet for quotes, print them out in special fonts and recycle frames from pictures you have packed away. One saying might be, "We're selling our house, but taking our home with us." "One Man's Treasure is the Next Man's Home".

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