Gun Safe, Home Safe, Dorm Room Vault

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Gun Safe, Home Safe, Dorm Room Vault

Home or College Dorm Safety -- this sturdy Bedroom vault is nearly indestructible. Wall safe's can be very expensive, but the Room Vault is affordable and safe. Large enough to lock away a handgun, jewelry, money or many other valuables. Attach to your dorm room furniture or many other posts in your bedroom or home. This is a perfect way to hide your valuable home items or dorm stuff in this simple and easy to use dorm safe.

Cube Dorm Vault Laptop Dorm Vault

It will be easier for a thief to dismantle your bed than remove the safe! When properly installed, DormVault attaches easily and harmlessly to a loft-bed or other furniture. With the Owner Control™ bracket, the DormVault stays in place until the owner moves it. All connections are on the inside of the DormVault. You must open the locked safe to either attach or remove the bracket assembly and the bracket assembly is made of thicker steel than the safe itself!

Hard Steel, Hard Target - The DormVault™ design incorporates proven standard used on safes in theft-prone industries.  The bracket bar locks the bolts to the bar so they will not turn. The nuts fasten the bolts on the inside of the DormVault - where only you have access!

     * Rugged 12-guage stainless steel construction provides higher strength without the weight
     * Super hard steel case - resists cutting , prying and other break in attempts
     * Versatile design maximizes the available storage space
     * The Owner Control™ bracket system consists of a bracket arm and two locked nut and bolt assemblies.

Home/Dorm Room Vault Pricing
Model Size Weight 1  
DV450 Cube Safe 7 3/4" Cube 6 lbs. $69.98 Order Now
DV700 Laptop Safe 13"W x 16" H 5" D 12 lbs. $89.98 Order Now


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