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If you have "print-ready" artwork already created, please attach it to an email and send it along with info here.  Here are some "Print Ready" art guidelines:

  • Create your artwork within the actual size of the product at at least 300dpi

  • Keep the artwork 1/16" in from the edge

  • Extend bleeds 1/16" outside of the edge

  • Type fonts must be at least 5 points.  Reverse type must be bold, at least 7 points, and in a san serif font.  Serif type may be used for reverse type 18 points or larger.

  • Minimum line rules - 0.05 point or .007 inches

  • 7% minimum graduated screens (no duotones)

  • 85 line screen requires separate printing plate

  • Minimum 1/64" trap for colors

But no matter what you have or what form its in, go ahead and send it to us and we'll do our best to work with it.  Use our online art upload form here.

If you need us to create a logo or artwork, please fax a copy of what you want to (563) 884-4446 or call us on our toll free line and visit with an account representative. The art charge is typically between $25 and $50.

Hitting the SUBMIT button,  does not commit you to purchase.   

We will prepare an official customer authorization sheet with a description of what you want and the price you will be obligated to pay.  You will need to sign the authorization form and fax it back to us to begin the order process.  Any turnaround times begin when you sign the customer authorization and include only business day not weekends. 

Should you have any problems, please call us on our toll free line at 888-968-2688


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