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Help protect your gym floors with these great gym floor covers.

Gym Floor Covers

Gym Floor Covers

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Available Colors Pricing Per Square Foot
Tan, Gray and Blue $0.71
Forest Green and Burgundy $0.86
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Protect your gym floor during indoor baseball/softball practice, dances, graduations, and special events. Chairs, tables, street shoes, and equipment movement can ruin the finish on your floor. One of the best investments you can make for your gym is a quality cover. It will extend the time between refinishing, saving you money! Protects against scratching, scuffs, and burns. Covers exceed most other brands in quality and durability. All covers feature a manufacturer's warranty! Order in 10' wide sections. Covers come in a variety of colors.

Our gym floor covers feature:
* 20.5 oz. Vinyl – Fire Resistant
* Ultra-durable 3-ply fabrics. Reinforced polyester mesh coated with PVC on both sides.
* Lays flat and smooth with either side up. Engineered seam to be as strong as the body itself.
* CA fire title 19, NFPA 701 small scale abrasion resistance, H22 1,000 gram load method 5306 = 300 cycles
* Base yarn = polyester *total weight = 20.5 oz. per square yard
* Grab tensile = 525 X 450 lbs./inch
* Strip tensile = 340 X 250 lbs./inch
* Adhesion = 10 lbs./1"
* Puncture resistance = 230
* Hydrostatic resistance = 800
* Cold crack = -40
* Our gym floor covers are constructed in 10' wide sections for easy handling. Two people can lay down and roll up
   sections covering an entire gym floor. Fabric comes 10', no heatseals.

20.5 oz. per sq. yd. Cover - A real workhorse at gym protection! Exceeds most other brands in quality and durability. Great for facilities looking for value but don't want to compromise on the quality. 6 year warranty! Available in tan, gray, blue, forest green, and burgundy.

Product Options: Tan, Gray or Blue comes 10’ wide. Burgundy and Forest Green can be welded together to get 10’ wide pieces.
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